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Louisville Notary Service can not offer legal advice or tell you which forms are appropriate since we are not attorneys.  We always suggest seeking an attorneys advice when in doubt.  Many common forms can be found at office supply stores.  The websites below offer some examples of common forms as well.  None of the these forms were created by Louisville Notary Service.  Further, they are not endorsed and are for informational purposes only.

None of Louisville Notary Service's employees are attorneys.  We cannot offer legal advice as this would be a violation of Kentucky law which only allows those that have passed the bar to practice law in Kentucky.  If you have questions about legal issues or need someone to prepare your documents, please contact a local attorney.  


Our notaries are trained and authorized to notarize documents and complete signings.  We simply witness the signing of documents and verify identities.  We are not responsible for what any agency, court or signature requester requires.

Kentucky Changes in statute regarding Kentucky Power of Attorney Papers effective in 2018.



Power of Attorney


Medical Power of Attorney


aka as Medical Advanced Directive

Last Will & Testament


General Warranty Deed


Quit Claim Deed

Quit Claim

Sample Notarial Examples