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Kentucky Car Titles

We notarize Kentucky Car Titles

The information in this page is for reference purposes only.  You should consult the county clerks office in your county for specific information regarding your situation and the forms needed.  

Private Party Transactions

Ideally, if the purchase and sale of a vehicle has occurred between two private parties, both the buyer and seller should visit the Kentucky county clerk's office together, however, when this is not possible a notary can assist you by notarizing the needed documents including the title.  

Common Forms

If both the seller and buyer cannot be present, signatures on the application may need to be notarized. Contact the county clerk's office for more information. 

Learn More

For more information about transferring a motor vehicle in Kentucky, visit the Department of Motor Vehichle for your county.

Jefferson County Clerk

Oldham County Clerk

Bullitt County Clerk

Shelby County Clerk